Sunrise group yoga by the lake

YogaCampOut Weekend is blessed to be a vegan festival, free of plastic bottles, chemical drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.

In order to set ourselves free, we must let go of needless consumption. In our society, meat, dairy, smoking, drugs and alcohol have become to go-to masks for dumbing down our true selves, suppressing and distorting the true beautiful nature of being that we really are.

Our journey in nature opens and prepares us to love ourselves and nature freely, to immerse our souls in healing, filling our hearts with joy through singing and dancing.

As we let go of the artificial burdens that we’ve amassed through our current journey, so we let go of artificial consumption of “goods” that are designed to hurt us on many levels.

Instead, we celebrateย in worshiping ourselves, feeding self and each other with fresh, zesty and exciting natural foods that awakens our senses and elevates us to grow further. We jump in the clean water, purify ourselves, take yoga and meditation to awaken our body and souls, and dance the night away with our amazing DJ crew ๐Ÿ™‚

We shall feast on daily fresh and nourishing meals. We have arranged for several awesome food vendors offering the best of vegan smoothies, nutritious meals and of course, desserts!

Well water, free of flouride and chem is freely available throughout the property. Pack a metal water bottleย andย stay hydrated!

Disposable plastic bottles are strictly prohibited at YogaCampOut. Please avoid all disposable items,ย plastics, excessive packaging, etc.

Glass of all sorts is also strictly prohibited. This is a Public Safety item and we reserve the right to eject anyone bringing or using glass items such as bottles, jars, cans, containers, etc – without any notice. If you see anyone on campsite using glass, request them to put it away in a safe place and never use it on property. So no glass, please and thank you.

Plant-based medicinesย have been an integral part of human communities for thousands of years. While they (still) may be illegal in parts of the country and the world, we as a healing community respect and thank plant medicine for its gift to us humans. If you are to use any plant medicine, we ask that you ensure it is legal for you to do so, and that you understand that you are responsible for all of our actions and interactions with yourself and your environment. Becoming enlightened is wonderful, being a burden on the community is crossing boundaries.

Our meals will consist of communal meals, usually around sunset, brunch on our last day, andย individual/small group meals during daytime.

Do not bring any disposable cups, plates or utensils. Use reusable one.

Add these items to your packing list:

  • Quality messkit or camping meal kit
  • Knife, fork and spoon (from home), or a Spork
  • Hot/Cold mug
  • Aluminum water bottle
  • Resealable container for food items